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Welcome to the IFA membership benefits hub.

This portal allows you to see what benefits you could be entitled to as a member of the IFA.

To join the IFA, speak to the membership team by calling on 01732 458080.

Alternatively email them by clicking here.

Practice Consultancy & Planning

The IFA have developed a new partnership with two leading practice consultancy firms who are able to provide their professional services to IFA members at special reduced rates.
IFA members are able to receive quality advice and planning services at a cost effective price that doesn't compromise on quality. These well respected companies are able to offer a wealth of services to our members.

Fee Protection Insurance (FPI)

The IFA have chosen Taxwise (market leaders) to be our Fee Protection Insurance (FPI) partner.

As a member of the IFA, if you take up FPI you will automatically receive access to a free and unlimited Tax and VAT advice.

Cover for all of your clients from as little as £72 per month.

Some reasons to operate a fee protection insurance scheme:

  • Income generation opportunity
  • Full recovery of all of your fees for enquiry work
  • A simple solution payable by monthly instalments interest free by Direct Debit
  • You and your practice covered for free
  • No excuses
  • Free unlimited Tax and VAT advice line for IFA and FTA members
  • On-line client database and claims system
  • Enquiry support from Taxwise experts - as much or as little as you need
  • Free and unlimited Employment Law and Health & Saftey advice line for you and your clients
  • Dedicated field manager
  • Full implementation guidance and support
  • Literature and marketing materials included

IFA Tax & VAT advice line

All areas of income and corporation tax, CGT, IHT, PAYE, NIC and VAT are covered. The Taxwise team have gained experience within HMRC and private practice that allows them to deal with over 40,000 queries each year. The advice line operates from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:30.

Cost Management

The IFA are always looking at ways of bringing increased value to our members. We have recently partnered with Shift2Thrift to create a membership benefit package with the specific aim of helping you to save time and money within your businesses without compromising on quality of service.

What is Shift2Thrift?

Shift2Thrift is an innovative new web-based solution which allows IFA members to obtain added value for their essential business cost spend. It is not a comparison site, so your particular business needs are fulfilled.

To bring you excellent deals Shift2Thrift is sponsored by the UK’s leading independent cost management consultancy Auditel who have over 18 years experience of cost management.  Suppliers included within the Shift2Thrift site are known for their reliability, service and keen pricing and can be recommended by Auditel.

What added value does Shift2Thrift give me ?

  • Great financial savings
  • Save time as Shift2Thrift is designed as a “one-stop”
  • Offer Shift2Thrift as a benefit to your clients
  • Education – regular blogs and educational tips are available at the Shift2Thrift website giving you new extra ideas on how you could further drive down costs within your business
  • best value in areas such as office supplies & stationery, fixed & mobile communications, energy, printing and insurance to name but a few.

How does Shift2Thrift work ?

The cleverest thing with Shift2Thrift is the simplicity of use.  To access the great offers available on the site you simply:
click on the link from the IFA website On your first visit complete the simple registration process with your contact details – just once for all of the supplier offers.
Begin saving money and time!

To access this benefit, join the IFA today!

Industry Articles

The IFA, in partnership with a number of top finance firms and thought leaders have developed a series of articles covering finance related topics and contemporary issues facing finance professionals in the SME and SMP sector.

These will cover a range topics from tax issues, recent changes in legislation to marketing trends affecting small business.

To access this benefit, join the IFA today!

Website packages

The IFA are delighted to announce that The Sole Trader Business Group has become a National Strategic Partner. As part of the partnership we are pleased to offer a 5% discount for all members across the entire product range inclusing websites, print products and branded work wear.

Sole Trader Websites

Sole Trader Websites is the UK's leading low cost website provider.

Whether potential or current clientsrequire soem basic tax advice or a thorough accountancy service - chances are they will use their smartphone to search on Google in their local area. That's why The Sole Trader Business Group use Google Local Service to optimise all of their websites for local searches. All of their websites are expertly coded so that they re-adjust and re-size to look perfect on every platform: Desktop PC's, Tablet's and Smartphone's.

Their £149 + VAT (for IFA members only £141.55 + VAT) website package includes all of the following:

A registered website name - (e.g.

Up to 5 professional email addresses - (e.g. with all emails forwarded to your current email address

Up to 5 professional pages to choose from - Home page, Learn More, Resource page, Customer Testimonials and Contact page

They take care of the legals for you - they make sure you have the right "Privacy Policy" and "Conditions of Use" sections on your website for the visiting public.

Fully responsive web design - their websites are expertly coded so that they re-adjust and re-size to look perfect on every platform: Desktop PC's, Tablet's and Smartphone's.

Unlimited website changes for the life of the site - subject to their fair use policy

All sites listed on the world's search engines - including Google Local Map Service

Free comprehensive suport - their advisors will always be there for jargon-free advice and to answer any questions you may have

No start up fees, no hidden fees - all inclusive package lasting for one year with absolutely nothing else to pay

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are not completely satisfied with the design of your website they will make the changes until you are happy

For example why not visit -

Sole Trader Print

Business cards and flyers designed by their team of specialist designers. Much like thier website and clothing services they make the process hassle free and low cost. When ordered, each product is designed instantly, typically within 48 hours and delivered within 14 working days.

They are no minimum orders and delivery is just £4.99!

You can even tie it all in?

Let them design you a logo as part of their £149 website package - they can then add your website address, professional email address, new logo and your IFA accreditation to all of your printing needs.

How does an IFA and FTA member get the discount?

You can use the coupon code "IFA5" across their whole site or quote the code on the phone toone of their team

Contact The Sole Trader Business Group today on 08000 124 424 or feel free to visit

To see what their customers say please feel free to visit the independent review centre

PI Insurance

Through the joint IFA and Belmont International insurance package, you can now have full PI insurance, practicing certificate & AML cover at an unbeatable price.

As a member of the IFA you can gain advantage of this cost effective PI insurance package that benefits from:

  • Broad civil liability cover protecting your business.
  • £250 excess, reducing your exposure.
  • £300,000 limit on any one claim making sure you are safe.
  • Optional home, office & liability insurance, providing all of your cover in one place.
  • Free monthly instalments making it cheaper for you.

To access this benefit, join the IFA today!

IFA Library

As a UK IFA member you automatically gain access to a vast online library of resources, via our partners at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW):

  • Library enquiries: experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff can answer questions or carry out detailed research on your behalf, interrogating a database of over 40,000 books and 250 journals.
  • Book borrowing and extracts: borrow books for up to three weeks (at no charge), or request extracts sent to you by email or post (chargeable).
  • Company information: access information such as dividends, annual reports, capital histories and mailing lists for specific companies.
  • Further reading: useful links pointing you in the direction of reading material available elsewhere on the internet.
  • Related topics: access essential information on taxation, business law, corporate finance and funding, as well as business management topics such as marketing and strategic planning.

To access this benefit, join the IFA today!

The Tax Faculty

The Federation of Tax Advisers (FTA), the Tax Faculty of the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA), has joined with Gabelle LLP to provide an online tax support portal.

This new online tax support portal will provide all FTA members with free personal access to current and archived practical resources. Members will benefit from:

  • Practical advice, news and briefings on hot topics
  • A monthly tax review - with deeper insights on current tax legislation
  • A tax-planning book, with reviews on important tax developments
  • Reference documents sourced from FTA and IFA
  • Expert advice and TaxDesk helpline at discounted rates for FTA members
  • Webinars and event invitations


If your not already, have you thought about joining the FTA to gain this extra support?

Take a look at the FTA website, email the team or phone 01732 458080 and download the form

Budget Summary 

For all IFA members you can view the online IFA/FTA budget summary and/or download the PDF version as well.

Bi-monthly Magazine

The IFA bi-monthly journal, Financial Accountant, is an exclusive membership benefit packed with interesting articles related to the financial industry, with a dedicated focus upon the SME market.
Each edition provides several articles from leading finance figures and serves as a crucial communication tool between the Institute and its members.

A new version of the IFA journal will be launched in September 2012, with a unique special edition interim version bridging the gap throughout the summer.

Once you become a member, every edition of the IFA journal will be available for download here in the IFA membership benefit hub exclusively for our members.

To access this benefit, join the IFA today!

Career Management

The IFA can help support our members career progression through the unique relationship we have with several industry focused recruitment specialists.
Whether you are looking for tips on how to manage your professional online image, prepare for interviews or looking for the next step on your career path, as an IFA member we can help ensure you receive necessary support.

Our affiliated recruitment and career management partners can also assist our members who are looking to recruit new staff. With strong understanding of the needs of SMEs and SMPs, they can help identify the ideal candidate to suit your particular needs.

To access this benefit, join the IFA today!

IFA Privileges

IFA members are now entitled to a range of privileges provided through the IFA's exclusive privilege package.


Privileges include discounts on:

  • Travel
  • Cinema tickets
  • Insurance
  • Legal advice
  • Dining
  • Top UK attractions
  • Broadband
  • Plus much, much more

To access this benefit, join the IFA today!

Benevolent Fund

The Fund was set up in 1930 by what is now the IFA and subsequently registered with the Charity Commission on 12 June 1964. The International Association of Book-keepers was set up in 1973 by what is now the IFA and joined the Benevolent Fund from that point. The current name of the Fund (The Institute of Financial Accountants and The International Association of Book-keepers Benevolent Fund) was adopted in 1988, following several changes of name.

Objectives and activities
The Fund provides grants for the relief of persons who are, or have been, Members of the associations now called the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA) and the International Association of Book-keepers (IAB). It may also provide grants for the dependants of any such persons now deceased, and for the relief of persons who are current students of the IFA or the IAB.  

Online CPD

As an IFA Member, you will be able to choose from more than 30 technical and business courses, with previously negotiated discounted rates.

These cover everything from "Buying a Business" to "Networking Skills" and are worth between 3 and 5 of your crucial CPD hours.


FA Simms have been helping accountants with practical business rescue and insolvency advice for their clients for over 36 years.

FA Simms provide IFA members a free business rescue & insolvency helpline for them to use as and when they need advice and guidance concerning their clients.

Areas they can advise on include:

  • Cash flow
  • HMRC pressure
  • Business rescue support
  • Turnaround strategies 
  • Business debt management
  • Finding the underlying cause to a business's problem
  • Implementing a focused business strategy
  • Legal action threatened by creditors
  • Small business insolvency

FA Simms will travel to you and your clients for free initial consultation. All advice given will be through one of their Licensed Insolvency Practitioners.

If you are a member of the IFA please login to the members area to gain access to the helpline number, email address and quarterly newsletter.

If you are not currently a member of the IFA take a look here and make an enquiry



The IFA has chosen Oriel Collections to be our national strategic partner of specialist outsourced financial solutions and business services to SMEs and accountancy practices.

Members of the IFA will be able to take advantage of the below flexible products that Oriel Collections have developed to be a significant benefit to you.


Secure payment on late fees and other debts through professional and experienced Collectors.

Oriel resolve problem accounts for several hundred companies like yours. They're trained to act effectively to secure your money, whilst retaining their custom for you. Their flexible approach extends to legal actions which we manage for you. They only make a fee when we have realised your debt. You have the flexibility to refer as many or as few debts as you need, at any age and of any value.


Spread the cost of your services to your customers. They manage payments by instalments, easy, flexible and free to you!

Why not bundle your services to customers into an annual charge which Oriel collect for you by monthly instalments throughout the year? Funds can be sent straight to your account completely free of charge to you. Take advantage of our experience using the latest chase and reminder tolls managed by a highly trained agent team.


Securing a source of working capital can be a headache. Receive cash now and relax with ledger management tailored for professionals.

Oriel provide funds now and manage your sales ledger enabling you to concentrate on what you are good at - looking after the needs of your clients. Oriel have the knowledge and experience that enables them to deliver a service focused on the unique requirements of professional accountants and SMEs.

To find out more please login to the IFA members area



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