Institute of International Economic Relations - IFA endorsed training provider


The Institute of International Economic Relations (IIER) is an accredited business university, which provides intensive training in foreign languages and disciplines in the field of management, world economy and foreign economic activity.  

IIER is the second university in Moscow to obtain IFA endorsement. 

The two IIER programs endorsed by IFA are: 

  • Bachelor's Degree in Economics  
  • Bachelor's Degree in Management   

IIER graduates aсquire competencies in foreign economic activity, international trade, business planning, personnel management and enterprise management, speak english at the upper-intermediate level and continue their studies to achieve masters degree at leading Russian and foreign universities. 

Duration of the bachelor programmes – 48 months (total hours – 8968) 

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T: +7(499)348-20-00  

Vice-rector for academic affairs: Yulia Igorevna Bogomolova -