IFA Regulatory Committee – members and lay members wanted

For an organisation to have credibility in the mind of the public, it must have independent and transparent regulation of its members. The IFA has effective systems in place through its three conduct committees to ensure there is a proper balance between protecting the public interest and the support of IFA members. We now want to enhance this process with the introduction of a new Regulatory Committee. 

The objectives of the Regulatory Committee will be to provide a timely immediate response to breaches of IFA Regulations that can be dealt with in a robust and consistent way instead of, or prior to, the need to refer to the Investigations Committee to invoke the formal disciplinary process. 

The IFA is now seeking to appoint members - both IFA/FTA and lay - to the Regulatory Committee. IFA/FTA members will be required to have practice/business experience and lay members will have experience of professional regulation. 

To be successful candidates will be expected to have a thorough understanding of the principles of self-regulation within the professions and a commitment to upholding the high standards of excellence within the IFA. They are also expected to be familiar with the current IFA Disciplinary Regulations, Bye-laws and Code of Ethicswhich are available at Acting in the public interest.  

Regulatory Committee meetings will take place at the IFA head office in London as neededCommittee members will receive a daily fee plus expenses. 

To apply or for further details, please email Tim Pinkney at timp@ifa.org.uk    

The closing date for applications is 29 March 2019