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The IPA Group is undertaking an education transformation project to define the technical and non-technical skills that our members need now and in the future. We have engaged Incept Labs, a research and education company based in Sydney, to help us develop a comprehensive and global framework that applies to all members in the IPA Group. As part of this process, we want to hear from our members on what you think are necessary and useful skills for members to have now and in the future.

Given the increasing complexity of our members’ work, and the breadth of areas and industries in which you work, the number of competencies that may be relevant is large. We are also keenly aware that not all competencies will be relevant for all members.

Incept Labs will be using the widely accepted Delphi method to request feedback from members. This will involve two surveys. In the first survey, you will be presented with a list of competencies and asked to indicate whether you think the competency should be: required for all members; useful for members to be able to access as CPD; or outside the scope of what should be tracked and offered by the IPA Group. From when the survey is sent out, you will have one week to complete and submit a response. After the closing of the first survey, the second survey will be sent out and present you with how other people have ranked each of these competencies and whether you wish to keep your decision or change your mind. The second survey will also be open for a week for you to respond.

It is anticipated that each survey should take at most one hour to complete. If a member completes both surveys, this will be recognised with two CPD hours. Unfortunately, because responses to both rounds are needed, no CPD hours will be awarded if only one survey is completed. It is anticipated that surveys will start being sent out to members from mid July.

If you would like to participate in this project, please complete this Expression of Interest form. You will be asked to provide some background information about yourself and your contact information so that Incept Labs can follow up with you and ensure that respondents are as representative as possible of our membership. You can also indicate if you would be willing to complete multiple rounds of the survey. Your identity will only be used for the purposes of administering the project and maintained securely and confidentially.  Information about the way data you submit will be managed can be found at Instrument Privacy Policy — Incept Labs.

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If you have any questions about the survey and questionnaire and process, you can contact the Incept Labs team at ipa.education@inceptlabs.com.au.

*To be eligible to receive the complimentary two free CPD hours, you must complete both surveys. Completion of one survey will not qualify you for the CPD hours.