Opening address - John Edwards, CEO, IFA


Integrated Reporting for micro and smaller entities - Associate Professor Luckmika Perera, Deakin Business School

Integrated reporting and thinking is considered to be the next evolution of corporate reporting which goes beyond the traditional financial and sustainability reporting. Integrated reporting advocates a six-capital view with its heart being integrated thinking and value creation.

Integrated reporting and thinking is more about strategy and value creation from which reporting aspects is only one outcome.

The presentation will provide an introduction to integrated thinking and reporting, covering the basic concepts of value creation, value creation process and capitals.


Future proof your business – staying competitive with technology - Sam Allert, CEO of Reckon

The accountancy industry is evolving fast – increasing client demands, shorter turnaround times for jobs, the need for staff to spread themselves across multiple disciplines. These changes are only accelerating, which means practice owners need to adopt a future-first mindset in order to see their businesses thrive, remain competitive and maintain a healthy work/life balance. Learn how to adapt and capitalise on this change and how new technology can make it easier for you and your clients to manage business finances and compliance, so you can ride out whatever changes the industry throws at you.


Break (25 mins)


Fraud post-Covid - David Clarke, Fraud Advisory Panel

The threat of fraud to SMEs is current, growing and constantly evolving with much of it now online and global. This session will provide a timely update on emerging and new threats. In particular it will explore:

  • The changing face of fraud post-COVID 
  • Proactive steps for SMEs to combat a fraud crisis 
  • Cyber security advice to protect you and your family and the technology you rely on. 


Lunch (50 minutes) 


Family Business Governance: Upholding The Legacy - Olanrewaju Sharafa, Tower College of Further & Higher Education London

In recent years, around the world, there have been many attempts to codify best practice in family business governance. This presentation attempt to discuss the essential family business governance components and suggested approaches to resolving common family business governance dilemmas.

Drawing from a broader range of research, Olanrewaju will discuss how an effective governance structure for a family business creates a coordinated way for stakeholders to involve themselves in decisions and activities that affect their lives.

By extension, Olanrewaju will cover how good governance of family business promotes meaningful participation in sustaining a commitment to the family's legacy and unity. 


2.30pm –3.30pm:               
Why and How Professional Accountants Should Lead in Reporting and Assurance on Sustainability - Kevin Dancey, CEO of IFAC

The growing demand for (1) sustainability reporting and (2) the assurance of sustainability information is a critical trend for the accountancy profession. Sustainability reporting requirements are in place in many jurisdictions, and momentum is behind a global initiative for sustainability standards. Before long all companies will need to produce some sustainability information.

Professional accountants have a duty to the public to further sustainable development. They also have an opportunity to add enormous value to their organizations and to their clients’ organizations. The profession needs to plan and act now to ensure that professional accountants, especially small practitioners and professional accountants in SMEs, will remain best-placed to meet the sustainability needs of organizations.


3.30pm – 4.00pm:              
Close – John Edwards