Shareholders' Agreements - A guide to the key issues | 22 November

Forming a private company by adopting the model articles of association is easy - but is it enough? The process of running a limited company and its business will involve a lot of issues which the people involved can all too easily fall out over.

Advising on a shareholders' agreement involves identifying the likely areas of conflict, getting the parties to think through their ideal solution and documenting that solution, partly just so that there is a written record and partly to provide a series of fall-backs if the parties fall out.

This interactive session will cover:

  1. How to document 'the entire agreement and understanding' between the parties
  2. Relationship between articles of association and a shareholders agreement
  3. Pre-emption rights for shares: avoiding the pitfalls of the standard precedent
  4. Deemed transfers and defining good and bad leavers
  5. Controlling the leavers - drafting enforceable non-compete provisions
  6. Matters requiring consent - the shopping list and what is and isn't important
  7. Who owns what, and who controls what?
  8. Model articles - are they fit for purpose?
  9. Who is doing what? The role of service agreements 'How do we get our money out?' - wages, dividends and benefits.

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Date: 22 November 2023
Time: 12pm - 1pm
CPD hours: 1
Price: Free

About the speaker

Adeel Bashir

Adeel Bashir

Adeel is a specialist company and commercial lawyer with experience of working with a wide range organisations ranging from start-ups, SMEs to multi-national corporations.

He has advised on a diverse legal issues providing cost-effective tailored support.