Initor-Global webinar: Using outsourcing to Transform the delivery of accounting services | 18 April

In this webinar we discuss how UK accountants are outsourcing services to deliver their Transformation plans. We cover how outsourcing can help maximise the return on investment in modern technologies, transform client relationships, add value, and improve organisational culture. While larger Practices have used outsourcing successfully for many years, smaller Practices (and especially Sole Practitioners) often perceive barriers to engaging an outsourced partner. Investment in new technologies means smaller Practices can now introduce outsourced partners into their day-to-day operations with the minimum of disruption.

Based on real-life examples, we will discuss how UK accountants are:

  • Identifying the long-term benefits from outsourcing work and avoiding focusing too much on short term objectives such as eliminating a backlog or addressing a peak in workload
  • Setting clear quality and performance measures to complement internal targets
  • Engaging with staff at the earliest possible stage, highlighting the positive impact of outsourcing work for their future development and career aspirations
  • Recognising it will take time and initial investment to integrate an outsource partner and achieve a successful transition
  • Ensuring all internal stakeholders are engaged in the commissioning process, including non-accountants who may be involved in the working relationship
  • Encouraging open discussion of any perceived barriers or misconceptions about outsourcing work
  • Assigning clear ownership to maintain the relationship with the outsource partner and to manage any issues arising
  • Critically reviewing systems and processes to maximise efficiencies.

Who is this presentation/workshop for?

Accountants looking to secure better profitability, value for money and return on investment through outsourcing services.


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Date: Thursday 18 April

Time: 11am - 2pm

Price: Free

About the speaker 

Robert is Initor Global’s Head of Customer Experience – UK & Ireland
Robert Grant

With over 30 years’ experience in Audit and Accounting Practice, Robert is now working with Initor Global to implement growth plans and build on its reputation for outstanding customer service.

Until December 2021, Robert was Head of Accounting at E-Crunch Ltd, the UK’s first cloud-based Accounting Practice with its own award-winning accounting software. Robert was responsible for managing the Practice to deliver services to over 11,000 subscription clients (small businesses, limited companies, and sole traders). Delivery of high volume, quality accounting services was achieved through a combination of in-house accountants and outsourced resources.

Between 2007 and 2015 Robert was an Audit Partner at a top 6 UK Firm and was Statutory Auditor for central government bodies, local authorities, and NHS organisations across England.

Between 1988 and 2006, Robert qualified as an accountant with the Audit Commission, rising to the role of Statutory Auditor.

Initor Global UK

Initor Global has been providing outsourced Accounting Services to UK accountants since 2006. Our customers trust our team of over 150 accountants and other professionals to provide services fully compliant with UK rules and regulations, including GDPR, while meeting the highest professional quality standards. Outsourcing services can help accountants meet their profit and growth plans, build capacity and strengthen resilience. Our rates are typically 50% below equivalent UK services.

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