Starting out in practice

Details of 2022 dates, session agendas and expert speakers will follow shortly.

Webinar series summary

Establishing, operating and developing an accountancy practice and providing services for reward to the public is the aim of many accounting professionals. But what does working in public practice actually mean?

This interactive, practically focused and insightful webinar series helps you ensure you operate compliantly and provides a summary around continual professional development (CPD), anti-money laundering matters and how information technology impacts a practitioner's working life.

In addition, the webinar series explores how one goes about growing and maintaining a client base on a zero or limited budget. 

Who is this webinar series for?

This comprehensive webinar series is designed for those thinking about establishing an accountancy practice OR those who have been running their own accountancy practices for up to two years.

What attendees say

''I had been part of a board of directors running a practice for 9 years and last year made the leap to go on my own. I did wonder whether the course would be beneficial due to the experience I already had however, I found it one of the most useful courses I have attended. It was very informative without coming away feeling overwhelmed (despite the list of action points taken away). The main point I took away from the series was to not hesitate to contact the IFA as they are there to help, no matter how big or small the query is.'' Amy Harris, IFA member.

''I know practitioners are always very busy and probably don’t pay much attention to their own practice management… I am of the opinion that practitioners are not fully aware of their obligations. I will encourage IFA members to attend [the workshops] and am sure members would benefit.'' Amlan Ghoshal, IFA member.