Be sure of what's covered as an AML check

Be sure of what's covered as an AML check. Get 5LMD compliant software for £3 per check. Quick onboarding. No upfront costs. No monthly commitment.

While COVID19 is making life difficult for everyone it's a well-recognised fact that whenever there are difficulties in the economy instances of fraud increase. The FRC has already said COVID changes nothing and the expectation is that the integrity and level of compliance must be maintained.

So if face to face visits are off the table - how else can you ensure you maintain your practice assurance integrity? As a true cloud platform Capium software allows you to not only work remotely but has introduced features you can use to ensure you are in line with the latest AML directives.

In addition to this, the software systemises which act as a great safety net to your practice in particular where you are taking on new Clients. And now with the launch of Capium's new AML partnership with Veriphy, information gathering, risk assessment and verification is handled in a few short steps. This service is in line with the 2 + 2 criteria required to be compliant with the latest 5th MLD. If you would like to understand your obligations and see how this service could benefit you then please do join us for this webinar.ongoing processes

Learning outcomes

  • Latest considerations for 5MLD
  • what is covered as an AML check
  • what is not How Capium helps on AML What Veriphy cover & how it works with 5MLD

This webinar has been recorded, to access the recording please click here.


Minesh Patel, Capium 
Richard Devine, Veriphy