Registration and networking

8.15am – 8.45am (optional)

IPA Books+ breakfast demo - Jon Martingale, Reckon 
IPA Books+ is the cloud accounting software solution available exclusively to IFA members in the UK. Do you want an overview of IPA Books+? Find out more about key features and functions? Then join us at this short and snappy session to find out more.


Opening address - John Edwards, CEO, IFA


The latest issues concerning VAT as they affect small businesses and practitioners - Kevin Hall, Markel Tax
VAT for many businesses and practitioners is captured under Making Tax Digital changes from April 2019. Ensuring as an accountant that one is up to date with all VAT matters is a hugely important continual professional development requirement. This talk will help you keep up to date.


Morning break (25 minutes)


Nine ways to attract new clients and grow your practice - David Oliver, Insight Marketing
Old ways, even ‘recent old ways’ of marketing, are no longer effective for financial service firms. Referral generation can feel clumsy, and outbound sales, cold calling and direct mail all work less well for most firms these days. This session will open eyes and improve new client acquisition as the top 9 ways to grow a Financial Service Firm are explored in a 45 minute content rich inspiring session.


Back to Basics, or West to East? - Simon Gibson, Mattioli Woods
In 2019, we are in a period of seemingly continuous change. Should investors grasp this change and follow the new trade winds, West to East, or settle back into some of the basics we all learned in economics 1.0? As relevant to individuals, Trusts, SMEs and large corporates, this entertaining look at the current investment environment, with more than a nod to future trends, will provide plenty of talking points for clients and food for thought for all.


Lunch (55 minutes)


The era of AML non-compliance is over - Anne Davis, IFA & Andrew Tennant

Anne & Andrew will provide delegates with an update concerning Anti Money Laundering and why it is vital Accountants understand their responsibilities in relation to it. The session will cover the increased focus by government on the prevention of money laundering and terrorism, the IFA’s Supervisory & Regulatory approach, vulnerabilities in the accountancy sector, money Laundering typologies of interest to accountants and SMEs and suspicious Activity Reports (SAR).

2.50pm - 3.15pm

Afternoon break (25 minutes)

3.15pm – 4.15pm

An update for practitioners and businesses on the latest Companies House developments  - Michelle Wall, Companies House

In this session, Michelle Wall, Director of Finance at Companies House will explain how Companies House are embarking on a massive transformation programme that will modernise and improve their services and products. 

Michelle will also talk about the implications to the sector of forthcoming legislative changes and how the IFA and its members can engage with Companies House to help shape their future.