HR for SMEs

The workshop will provide an overview of HR and its role and purpose in any SME organisation. The workshop will take a step by step walk through of key areas of HR that SMEs and practitioners supporting SMEs, need to be aware of in order to meet their legal requirements, protect their business and have flexibility. HR Overview:

  • What is HR and what is its role in any organisation Compliance and the HR Foundation
  • Contracts of employment and legal requirements
  • How contracts can support your business and save you money!
  • Policies and procedures, and the legal requirements
  • Why policies and procedures are so important
  • Deciding on your rules for your business
  • Performance Management
  • Job Descriptions
  • Managing Performance

The workshop will show how HR can support the business and help the organisation achieve its objectives.

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About the speaker
Paula Fisher has been working in HR for over 30 years. She commenced her career working in corporate HR and then 'quit ' the corporate world to study for a law degree as a very mature student!

Paula founded Practical HR Ltd in 2003. She has a passion for making HR easier and more effective for SME's. She takes a very commercial approach and helps clients to achieve their business objectives by ensuring HR supports the needs of the organisation.

Practical HR now provide a range of HR services from consultancy to cost effective online templates to fully managed online portals. Paula is also a published author and published her first book HR for SMEs in 2016.