Starting out in practice

Workshop summary

Establishing, operating and developing an accountancy practice and providing services for reward to the public is the aim of many accounting professionals. But what does working in public practice actually mean? This interactive, practically focused and insightful workshop helps you ensure you operate compliantly and provides a summary around continual professional development (CPD) and Anti-Money Laundering matters. In addition, the workshop explores how one goes about growing and maintaining a client base on a zero or limited budget.

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Birmingham, 14 May 2020
Manchester, 10 June 2020
London, 24 June 2020

This practically focused workshop explores:

  • What does working in public practice mean?
  • IFA regulatory issues to be aware of.
  • Your continual professional development commitment
  • Anti-money laundering.
  • Growing and maintaining your client base.
  • Information technology – as a practitioner, what do I need to know?

Workshop outline

The workshops is split into 4 sections

  • Working in Public Practice
  • Continual Professional Development & Anti-Money Laundering
  • Gaining & Maintaining clients
  • Information technology – what one needs to know?

Who is this workshop for?

This comprehensive workshop is designed for those thinking about establishing an accountancy practice OR those who have been running their own accountancy practices for up to two years.

What attendees say

''I know practitioners are always very busy and probably don’t pay much attention to their own practice management… I am of the opinion that practitioners are not fully aware of their obligations. I will encourage IFA members to attend [the workshops] and am sure members would benefit.'' Amlan Ghoshal, IFA member.

About the speakers

Jonathan Barber, Head of Business Development, IFA

Jonathan has worked for the IFA since 2012. He works with and supports IFA members in the UK and overseas. Jonathan has worked in the accountancy sector for over 25 years in business development, recruitment and advisory capacities.



Tim Pinkney, Head of Practice Standards, IFA

Tim Pinkney has a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years in accountancy and regulatory environments where he was responsible overseeing disciplinary functions and AML supervision. As Head of Practice Standards at the IFA Tim is responsible for regulatory issues relating to members in public practice as well as oversight of the practice monitoring process. Prior to working for a professional accountancy body Tim has spent time in public practice, worked as a management accountant for the NHS as well as numerous roles in industry and the voluntary sector.



Ian Hornsey, IFA Chairman of the MAC committee

Ian is the National Chairman of the MAC Committee and is the IFA Ambassador for Essex. He has also recently been appointed as a Director of the IFA. Ian is the managing director of Devonports Accountants, a practice he began in 1994