IFA Leicester branch meeting

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IFA Leicester branch meeting

HMRC Compliance Checks
The talk covers the full gamut of HMRC Compliance Checks from the kind of businesses that are looked at, the nature of the review, the records and documents they might look at, the tactics they will use to ’break’ the records and recalculate profits, and the possible penalties that might follow. This is particularly relevant to small businesses and small practitioners because HMRC is undergoing a massive programme of replacing older Inspectors who have reached retirement age and the new trainee inspectors are traditionally expected to ‘cut their teeth’ and get investigation experience from carrying out enquiries into small businesses.

About the speaker
Tony Monger is a former HMRC Inspector and investigation team leader, Tony worked for the Department for 25 years until his departure to the private sector in 1999. In the subsequent 20 years, Tony has worked as a tax investigation specialist for two of the ‘Big 4’ Accountancy firms (PwC and Deloitte), and a leading law firm (Irwin Mitchell) before joining Mazars where he has served as Director on their National Tax Investigation team since 2013.

IFA Leicester branch meeting

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