Deliver presentations for impact and influence

Every meeting is an opportunity for change. Two or more people come together to think, speak and listen. Together, they can learn, create or decide to do something as a result. For the accounting professional, this is an opportunity to deepen a relationship with their client, deliver information in a way that is understood and create new understanding and may involve the presentation of a new idea. And for their client it is an opportunity to utilise their accountant’s expertise and in doing so have their thinking developed or changed in some way that benefits their future actions.

How do you make the most of meetings?
How do you set them up well, prepare effectively and then when it comes to the meeting itself, make it a success?

That’s what this half-day session will address. It will focus on the three Ps of effective meetings: Preparation, Practise and Performance. You’ll leave with a framework and a set of practical actions for setting up and having meetings and making presentations that deliver for you and your clients. It will draw on established thinking and the latest ideas to build on your existing skills and to grow and develop those skills further to meet your personal goals and those of your business. The session will be a mix of teaching, workshop and discussion. 


  • Introductions: and goal sharing.
  • First steps: The pre-flight checklist: goal, audience and time
  • Agenda setting: Setting an effective agenda and communicating it.
  • You as presenter: How do you communicate? A look at four communication styles, discover yours and what to do with that understanding.
  • Your audience: Who are you meeting? How to shape your material to hit the mark.
  • Your content: Preparing your content so it makes sense to your audience using four storylines.
  • Practise: What practise does for your meetings and presentations and how to make it easy.
  • Opening and closing the meeting: good beginnings and good endings.
  • Managing the meeting: how to keep the meeting on track and to time.
  • Meeting challenges: handling questions, diversions, non-involvement and interruptions.
  • Presenting your ideas with impact: voice and body language to strengthen your message.
  • Action plan: what will you do next to take things forward?
  • Review of the session: where are we with your goals for the session?

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About the speaker
John Scarrott is a Trainer and Coach working with design professionals on their approach to presentations, public speaking, selling and networking. He is an international speaker and has spoken in the UK, Europe, Australia and India. He is an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), one of only 918 credentialed coaches in the UK . He is the retained Meetings and Presentation Skills trainer for the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing and also the Association of Association Executives. You can find out more about him at