Fraud and scams

The impact of fraud and financial crime on businesses and individuals in the UK is significant. The nature of the threat is constantly evolving and fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated in the nature and form of their attacks. For any business, fraud is a preventable cost so long as there is a good appreciation of the current risks we all face.

This new half-day workshop will provide an essential guide to both practitioners and accountants in business of how to identify fraud risks, and manage the impact on both themselves and their organisations.


This participative workshop will examine the problems of frauds and scams and the effect on the individual. It also address the key area of identifying fraud in your/your clients' financial systems. Key topics to be covered include: 

  • Overview of frauds and scams facing us in the UK today.
  • The changing nature of fraud and the profile of typical attackers.
  • Being alert and aware of the warning signs.
  • Check list of actions to reduce the risk of being a victim.
  • Financial fraud in the news.
  • Financial and accounting "red flags".
  • Focusing on the key financial control areas.
  • Developing your action plan.

London 2 (1)   Milton Keynes

About the speaker

Martin Robinson is an independent risk and audit consultant who has worked with organisations in the financial services, education, charity, housing association and agriculture sectors.

He works with the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors and the Fraud Advisory Panel to create, develop, present and facilitate a wide range of events, conferences and seminars.

He lectures on all aspects of fraud risk management, corporate governance, ethics and culture, bribery and corruption, IT audit and audit reporting. He also delivers in-house courses for many organisations.

He has chaired and facilitated round table discussions on several fraud related topics including local authority fraud and the use of incorporation to commit fraud.

He is a licensed career coach and has worked with individuals at all levels to help manage their careers and has made a difference to many people’s working lives. He worked for 25 years in the audit and risk department of Lloyds TSB Group, where his appointments included head of business audit - subsidiary companies and head of risk training.