Taking exams

Exam centres

Find your closest exam centre from this list. If you do not have an exam centre near you CU Coventry will arrange for a local centre to be made available for you to sit the end of course exam. The exam date will take place on the final Friday of the six week programme. 


Module grading


Associated marks


Satisfactory performance in all major areas of a module as defined by the intended learning outcomes or skill areas.




Performance either significantly better than Pass in all areas of a module or outstanding in some areas with a Pass performance in the others.




Outstanding performance in all major areas of a module.


You will receive your result within six weeks of taking the assessment directly from the IFA. If you are successful you will receive a completion certificate from the IFA for each module you achieve.

Please note that you will not receive university credits for the module but if this is something you are interested in you can transfer to the full BA (Hons) Professional Accounting Degree subject to additional costs and assessments.