Reference guides

Coming out in the Wash: Views on the UK’s Anti-Money Laundering Regime (2004) CCAB ‘s research into perceptions of the UK's Anti Money Laundering regime  based on perceptions from  regulators, law enforcement agencies and the wider business community on the benefits, threats and opportunities for improvement on anti-money laundering regime.  

Anti-money laundering requirements: costs, benefits and perceptions: Mark Yeandle, Michael Mainelli, Adrian Berendt and Brian Healy, Z/Yen Limited (2005)

The Corporation of London report assesses the perceived costs and benefits of UK Anti-Money Laundering Requirements (AMLR) compared with other jurisdictions including the USA, Germany, France and Italy. It also examines how effective AMLR is and what impact the UK AMLR has on the competitive standing of the UK financial services industry.

Fighting money laundering and terrorist financing: the role of accountants and finance professionals (2015)

Report summarising key points discussed at conference organised by CCAB on the importance of professional scepticism and transparency in the context of fighting money laundering and terrorist financing.

CCAB Guides (2015)

New guides for accountants on counter-terrorism financing and staying safe within the money laundering regulations   

CCAB case studies - helping professional accountants recognise and fight economic crime (2016)

Case studies designed to illuminate some of the many and varied ways in which professional accountants might unwittingly enable an economic crime or come into close professional contact with people who are knowingly complicit. Each case study identifies the key areas in which offences might have been committed as well as highlighting the issues that would need to be considered when trying to identify and assess the risks. 

Economic and Business Crime in an International Context (2010)

The law against money laundering aims at the detection and prevention of the underlying economic crime, as well as specific laundering activities. ICAEW report reviews international law and practice in relation to crimes committed by or on behalf of business.

Links to key sites

  • Joint Money Laundering Steering Group 
    The Joint Money Laundering Steering Group provides comprehensive Guidance on Anti-Money Laundering procedures for the financial services sector, which provides a valuable resource for accountancy firms and the rest of the regulated sector.
  • National Crime Agency
    The National Crime Agency’s role is to protect the public by disrupting and bringing to justice those serious and organised criminals who present the highest risk to the UK.
  • HM Treasury 
    Financial Crime and Terrorism page.

National Crime Agency

Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) guidance notes can be found on the NCA website.

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Useful reference documents

SARs Annual Report 2017   

Guidance on Submitting Better Quality SARs v1.0 (September 2016) 

SAR Glossary Codes and Reporting Routes v3.0 (January 2017) 

Requesting a Defence under POCA and TACT v1.0 (July 2016) 

Vulnerable Persons Reporting Routes v1.0 (November 2016) 

SARs Reporter Booklet (December 2018) 

DAML FAQ (May 2018)  

Anti-money laundering webinars – focus on SAR quality

HMRC July 2018

Law Society (England & Wales) March 2018

Gambling Commission September 2018

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