IFA Technical Enquiry Services

The IFA Technical Enquiry Service (“helpline”) is bought to you in conjunction with Metis Compliance Limited. This paid service will provide technical support to members with the following enquiries:

  • Financial Reporting (all types of entities and financial reporting regimes)
  • Accounting treatments
  • Independent examinations on charities and other entities

Please note this helpline excludes tax and vat. For tax and vat services please click here.

Cost - £85 per hour, subject to a minimum charge of £21.25 in any month whether the helpline is utilised.

Click here to access the Technical Enquiry Service

The IFA Technical Support Enquiry Form needs to be completed, please only note the nature of the enquiry in very general terms.

You will then be called back on the day that the enquiry is submitted or at the latest the next working day.

Most enquiries will take less than 15 minutes to answer.

If you request that guidance is put in writing then this time will be chargeable.

Occasionally, enquiries will need further research, whilst not guaranteed we would aim to conclude your enquiry within 24 hours of the first telephone call being made, if this is not possible, we will agree a timeframe with you.

Cost - £85 per hour, subject to a minimum charge of £21.25 in any month whether the helpline is utilised.

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About Metis
Metis aims to offer a cost-effective solution to compliance for all accountancy practices irrespective of their size or nature. The ethos of the company is to be client-focused; we value every client whether large or small. We understand that time is sometimes of the essence, especially, when financial reporting deadlines are looming.

Matthew Shaw is the Managing Director of Metis Compliance Limited. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

He has spent over 23 years in technical and training, previously being the technical director of the HAT Group of Accountants (HAT).

Matthew has lectured to accountants in practice, accountants in industry and financial institutions on UK Financial Reporting. He also spearheaded HAT’s response to FRS 102 and FRS 102 Section 1A, preparing disclosure checklists and work programmes.