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From Crisis to Confidence: Good Regulation, Governance, and CultureThis paper summarises round table discussions, including several imperatives for global regulation, which emphasised that public trust in the financial and capital markets, business, and government depends not only on effective, smart regulation, but also on strong governance that embeds the right cultures, ethics, and values.

The Accountancy Profession—Playing a Positive Role in Tackling Corruption. This study shows that the accountancy profession—acting in the public interest—is an important part of the cure, and confirms that the accountancy profession is a necessary part of strong national governance architectures that confront corruption, in partnership with good government and strong businesses. It also shows professional ethics, education, and oversight—at the core of the global accountancy profession—are key to our positive impact in tackling corruption

Regulation and Growth: IFAC Global Regulatory Survey. The survey voices the perspectives of 313 accounting, finance, and business professionals around the world, in a diverse range of sectors, and provides an important gauge of the state of regulation and its impacts on the global economy.

After the start of the financial crisis, global economic discourse continues to be dominated by the urgent need for genuine, sustained economic growth. These results should be a serious wakeup call for us to examine the impact of regulation, including the large amount of regulation and reform introduced since the crisis.