HMRC working together with tax agents


Working Together is a partnership between HMRC and the main professional taxation and accountancy bodies to improve all areas of HMRC operations for the benefit of HMRC, agents and their clients.

The main objectives of Working Together are to:

  • improve communications between HMRC and tax agents
  • identify and clarify widespread issues which can be escalated in real time
  • help HMRC focus on the best way to help tax agents and their clients
  • be open and exchange views on how the tax system works

How to get involved

Working Together is made up of 10 regions, who will each lead a Working Together online meeting. For each regional group there will be a dedicated named contact, backed by a support network ensuring agents always have access to a Specialist Agent Manager (SAM). The Specialist Agent Manager for the IFA is Jeff Jones.

Working Together groups hold monthly online meetings with HRMC and subject matter experts. It also provides an opportunity to hear key messages from HMRC and raise and discuss issues with HMRC.

There will be a minimum of 10 online meetings a year hosted by the regional groups. All meetings have formal agendas and regular feedback is provided to group members on issues raised, including the summary of issues discussed by the Issues Overview Group (IOG).

Any agent is welcome to join the Working Together online meetings. If you are interested in getting involved in the Working Together online meetings, email Anne Davis, IFA’s lead for the Working Together initiative.

How to raise an issue with HMRC

As an IFA member, there are a number of ways to raise an issue:

  1. If you are a member of the Working Together network:
    • once you identify what you believe is a widespread issue, contact your agent network and find out if they are experiencing the same problem
    • contact the Jeff Jones, IFA’s Specialist Agent Manager (SAM), providing the details, plus supporting evidence
  2. If you are a member of the IFA but not the Working Together network: 
    • contact Anne Davis, IFA’s lead for the Working Together initiative, providing all the relevant information.
  3. If the issue is client specific, contact HRMC’s Agent Account Managers (AAMs). The AAMs act as an intermediary between agents and HMRC where the normal communication channels have broken down. In general, AAMs should be contacted as a last resort, when all other channels of communication have been exhausted and the issue is client specific. Further information on the role of the Agent Account Managers (AAMs) can be found here.

Issues Overview Group (IOG)

Representatives of the agent professional bodies and HMRC have established the Issues Overview Group (IOG) to ensure that systemic issues raised by the Working Together groups, the professional bodies and agents are reviewed, resolved or escalated appropriately.

Further details about the IOG can be found here.

Talking Points

Talking Points are weekly online meetings, which sit alongside the regular monthly Working Together online meetings. These are short online sessions, usually 45 minutes, focusing on topics agents have highlighted they are interested in or on emerging issues that HMRC identify as impacting on agents.

Talking Points sessions provide agents with the opportunity to talk with subject matter experts from HMRC, across a range of different topics.

If you’d like to join a Talking Points session or watch a recording of a previous session you can do so at Webinars, e-learning and videos if you’re a tax agent or adviser.

Agent Update publication

The Agent Update publication includes a section on subjects that are of interest to those involved in the Working Together network, or that have been identified as key areas of concern.

HMRC webinars, emails and videos

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