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To support your efforts to continually develop as a rounded finance and business professional the IFA has negotiated substantial member discounts for more than 40 courses with, published by Nelson Croom, a leading developer and publisher of online learning resources.

The courses are practical and flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace and giving you skills and knowledge that you can start to apply immediately in the workplace.

What’s different about these courses?
Unlike other online offerings,’s courses are designed to really make you think. The courses are genuinely interactive, they encourage you to apply and practice what you’ve learned and you can learn from your peers as well as from the experts, by sharing thoughts and ideas.

Over five thousand accountants have already benefited from these courses, with 98% of those saying that it met their CPD need and 93% rating the course as good or very good.

So, what sort of course are you looking for?
With over 40 online CPD course, on topics including Social Media, Forensic Accounting and Key Performance Indicators, brings you high-quality, in depth online CPD which meets the requirements of all UK accounting bodies' CPD regimes.

Top courses

Managing Change and Transformation by Anna Faherty

Change is a fact of organisational life, an unavoidable "norm" everyone has to deal with. Yet deciding what changes to make, winning support for new initiatives and delivering on expectations are still major managerial challenges. In a world where customers, clients and competitors all face uncertain futures, how can you positively impact the future of your own organisation? Managing Change and Transformation helps you to understand how to build a change-ready culture that can make smart decisions and successfully implement innovative ideas.

Grammar and Effective Writing by Kingston university Journalism team

Writing clear, accurate and engaging text replies on understanding and applying the rules of grammar, using the right words and consulting coherent prose. This coursze helps you boost your grammar and punctuation skills, choose and use appropriate words and craft effective sentences and paragraphs.

Project Management

Changes in business culture, where collaboration is more the norm, means that people from all departments need to perform project manager duties. Managaing projects of any size requires a very specific set of skills and knowledge and a defined approach. This course takes you from how a project comes into existence through to what needs to be done once your project is complete. It will help to ensure that the work you put in to a project results in lasting positive change.

Key Performance Indicators by Robin Tidd

Key performance indicators enable us to control performance. They are powerful tools not because they tell us results, but because they enable us to change them. Drawing from over 25 years' experience of advising business how to make their plans reality, Robin's advice is always firmly based in reality. By linking short term results to longer term goals, he shows how KPIs are the key tool for management control.

Business Performance Management by Robin Tidd

Why is it so hard to add real value by helping clients or internal colleagues to use KPIs to deliver business success? This course will help you find new ways of understanding information and signposts to actions that lead to real improvements. Whether operating from outside a business as a trusted advisor, or from the insdie as a member of the finance team, you can play a key role in ensuring that the managers of a business achieve proper control of their processes. This course provides the tools you need to help your clients and colleagues succeed.

Strategic Financial Management

Can you contribute to the making and monitoring of strategic decisions? Can you augment the traditional accounting model so as to provide information relevant to an increasingly dynamic world? In Strategic Financial Management David Allen argues that, if you concentrate on looking backwards, you will find it difficult to play your rightful part at the strategic level of management.

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