Routes to Membership

Find the route that works for you

The Institute recognises there are many ways of acquiring knowledge and proving competence which may be proven in different ways. As a consequence IFA provides three flexible routes to membership:

  • By IFA qualification
  • By professional recognition, where recognition is given to other relevant qualifications already held
  • By recognition of prior experience, where workplace experience is evaluated (available in the UK only).

For a breakdown of these options, click on the links below


By IFA qualification

IFA provides three qualifications. Dependent upon prior education or experience and where in their career they are individuals may follow one of the following:

  • Financial Accountant Diploma
  • Professional Financial Accountant qualification

The Institute is also looking at pathways to fellowship through qualification. We will keep you updated as we progress our development of the services available to members.

Progression routes are available from the Diploma onto the Professional qualification, and then through evidence of professional competence and experience.

Check the Learning section to find out about IFA Qualifications.

By professional recognition

If applying for professional membership based on your existing accounting and finance qualifications please click here and complete the online enquiry form.

Upon receipt, the Membership department can then assess your paperwork and confirm your eligibility into membership.

By recognition of prior experience

Recognising workplace competence and experience, applicants can apply for this route if they have a minimum of five years experience to date in a finance or accounting role and are based in the UK.

If the RPE route applies to you please download the enquiry form as well as the Initial RPE Membership Pack, complete both forms and return it to the membership team at Burford House.

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