Firm renewal instructions

Renewals are now open. Here you can find instructions on the firm and affiliate renewal process. 

Firm renewal instructions 

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Logging into your Firm dashboard  

To complete your mandatory annual firm membership renewal, first login to your firm dashboard using your firm number and password.  

Whilst you can still log in using your firm email, this, method will not guarantee access to the correct dashboard. Using your firm number is recommended as it ensures sign on to your firm dashboard.

Forgotten password 

Recover your password by selecting the forgotten pasword link and entering your firm number as your username into the field.  

Membership dashboard 

All members have a separate member dashboard where you can complete your annual membership renewal. See membership renewal instructions for further details below. 

Paying your annual Firm fee 

You can pay your mandatory annual firm fee with a credit or debit card on the Annual Payment page of your firm dashboard.  

Alternatively, you can choose to set up auto renew payments or instalments by selecting your preferred payment method before you pay.   

Auto renew payment option: This method automatically takes payment from your credit or debit card in the first week of January every year. 

Instalments payment option: This method splits your fee into three payments: the first is taken when it is set up, the second payment will be taken on 4 January 2024, and the third payment on 1 Feburary 2024. You can set this up by either contacting the Compliance team on +44 (0)20 3567 5999 or via the firm dashboard's annual payment tab and selecting the instalment plan option. The deadline for setting up instalments is 15 December 2023. 

Please remember, the instalment is only set against the dashboard you are currently logged in to. This means, if you want to set against your membership and firm you will need to log into both and follow the instructions above.

Failure of the instalments being made will result in the full amount becoming due and late fees being applied. 

You can also pay by direct debit, bank transfer, cheque or on the phone.

See our payment methods page for full details and instructions on all options and set up.  

Submitting your Annual Firm Return  

You can submit your mandatory annual firm return on the Firm Return tab of your firm dashboard. The firm return has five sections.  

Sections 1-4

The first four sections contain the standing information we keep on file for your firm. 

1. Review sections 1-4 and ensure that all the information is correct and up to date. 
2. If your firm has additional BOOMs, offices, or connected entities, you must add them to the appropriate section. 
3. Go to the Firm Declaration section and click the “Proceed” button. 

Section 5


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Please note: You can save your progress by clicking “Quick Save” or “Save and Exit” from the buttons found at the top and bottom of each page. These options do not submit your firm return, they simply save your progress.  

4. Your Firm Declaration will open in a new tab on your web browser. Your firm dashboard will still be available in the previous tab.  

5. If you need to update any information, click on the previous tab and make any necessary changes.  

6. Click “Next Section” to begin answering the questions concerning your firm’s activities over the last year. We use this information to create a risk assessment of your firm. 

7. When prompted, upload your PII certificate and firm-wide risk assessment, if applicable, to your firm return. 

It is not mandatory to upload a firm wide risk assessment, but having one reduces your firm’s risk score in our risk assessment of your firm. Being lower risk decreases the likelihood for your firm to be selected for an AML review. See our AML templates for guidance.

8. Once you have answered all the questions, click “Submit” to submit your firm return. You will receive an on-screen acknowledgement that the declaration has been successfully submitted. Download or print your firm declaration by clicking the PDF icon on this page.  

Failure to submit the annual firm return 

Completing the firm return enables the IFA to meet its regulatory and supervisory duties under the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 (MLR17, regulation 66) and IFA Bye-laws 12.2 and 12.3. Submitting the return is a mandatory requirement, failure to do so may lead to disciplinary action and regulatory penalties as detailed in the IFA’s Sanctions Guide. 

Late fees 

Please ensure you have paid your membership and firm fees before 31 December 2023 to avoid a late payment fee charge. A late fee of £30 is applied to unpaid invoices on 1 February 2024. This fee covers the IFA’s costs incurred chasing outstanding invoices.  


Any members or firms with unpaid invoices will lapse after 31 March 2024 in accordance with Bye-law 8.5(a). Your membership will lapse if either set of fees are unpaid. 

Contact us 

If you are having difficulties paying your annual firm fee, completing your annual firm return, or accessing your dashboards please contact the compliance team on +44 (0)20 3567 5999 or [email protected].