Whether you are refreshing your knowledge or furthering your skills, our webinars will keep you up to date with important issues in the accounting and tax world.

What's coming up? 

20 Oct  Yorkshire branch surgery
21 Oct  Financial instruments
21 Oct  Staying ahead of the digital business trends
21 Oct  Nigeria branch meeting
28 Oct  National branch meeting

 4 Nov   National branch meeting
 4 Nov   Popular accounting, financial reporting and practice management topics
 8 Nov   Essex branch surgery
 8 Nov   Bristol branch surgery
 9 Nov   Starting out in practice series (part 1)
11 Nov  Manchester branch surgery
15 Nov  Kent branch surgery
15 Nov  London branch surgery
16 Nov  Starting out in practice series (part 2)
17 Nov  Acting for LLPs
17 Nov  Scotland branch surgery
18 Nov  National branch meeting
23 Nov  Starting out in practice series (part 3)
24 Nov  IFA tax series (part 1)
24 Nov  Northern Ireland branch surgery
25 Nov  IFA international conference online 

 1 Dec   IFA tax series (part 2)
 1 Dec   IFA payroll series (part 1)
 2 Dec   Quarterly update
 8 Dec   IFA tax series (part 3)
 8 Dec   IFA payroll series (part 2)
 9 Dec   Milton Keynes and Hight Wyombe branch surgery
15 Dec  IFA payroll series (part 3)
16 Dec  Nigeria branch meeting

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