All IFA members are required to be committed to maintaining the highest professional and technical standards by undertaking appropriate continuing professional development (CPD) relevant to their role and career each year. 

Other than those who are CPD exempt, all members must complete 40 hours of CPD in any year, of which 20 hours shall be verifiable. Find out more about your CPD requirements.

We have a great range of branch meetings, workshops, webinars and conferences which will help keep you up to date with important issues in the accounting and tax world, gain valuable CPD hours, and meet fellow members.

What's coming up?


7 Dec   Integrating accounting and tax software – how to make your practice more  productive 
7 Dec   From Physical to Digital Invoicing: are you compliant? 
8 Dec   IFA tax series (part 3)
8 Dec   IFA payroll series (part 2)
9 Dec   Milton Keynes and High Wycombe branch surgery
9 Dec   The Corporate Criminal Offence
15 Dec  IFA payroll series (part 3) 
16 Dec  Nigeria branch meeting 
18 Dec  UAE branch meeting - The importance of networking
25 Dec  Equity Accounting – Fundamentals