Readmission to IFA membership

See Relinquishing & Lapsing for information about the consequences of relinquishing your IFA membership or allowing it to lapse.  

To be considered for readmission into IFA membership following relinquishment or lapsing in accordance with Bye-law 5.1c you will be required to make a request to the membership team via email at [email protected] or a hard copy letter addressed to the Membership Manager.  

The Membership Manager will email you a readmission form for you to complete and return with:

  • an up-to-date CV demonstrating recent relevant experience 

If eligible, you will then be required to pay: 

  • a one-off readmission fee;  
  • the appropriate annual fee; and  
  • any other fees currently outstanding . 

Readmission is also subject to passing a mandatory fit and proper check.  

Where you do not meet the eligibility to readmit under Bye-law 5.1c you may need to undertake further study in order to meet the IFA entry requirements before you can become a member. 

 If you wish to be in public practice, you will be required to hold an IFA practising certificate and meet the current qualification requirements.. 

Contact us 

Please call the membership team on +44 (0)20 3567 5999 to discuss any queries regarding readmission.