IFA endorsed programmes

The IFA endorses quality training providers and the training programmes that they offer that are related to the accountancy sector and are of relevance to our members and people working in the accounting and finance sector. 

The benefits of the endorsed programme scheme 

Benefits for an organisation

  • An endorsed programme demonstrates to stakeholders that you have adhered to high standards in the design and delivery of the programme and that it is relevant to the accountancy sector.  
  • As an IFA endorsed training provider you will receive an endorsed training provider certificate which you can display. 
  • An endorsement of your programme adds further credibility from an IFAC top 20 internationally recognised professional body.  
  • Your organisation and programme will be promoted on the IFA website. 
  • Your organisation can use the IFA logo on promotional materials. 
  • Endorsed training provider status lasts for three years and you can apply to renew the programme. 

Benefits for a learner  

  • Completing an endorsed training programme will increase confidence that the programme of study is worthwhile and relevant to the accountancy sector.  
  • Learners can be assured that the IFA has completed thorough due diligence on the programme and provider before confirming the endorsement.  
  • Learners can receive an endorsed certificate from an IFAC top 20 internationally recognised professional body.