Business Education Solutions - IFA accredited training provider

Business Education Solutions (BES) is the leading Ukrainian educational network, contributing to development and improvement of knowledge and skills in business management. Our clients are the biggest Ukrainian enterprises and SME companies.

BES is an IFA accredited training provider and an IFRS training centre, recommended by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

In Ukraine BES provide the following IFA qualifications:

  1. Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards – view the syllabus in Englishand the 2021 course schedule or Ukrainian and course schedule.
  2. Diploma in financial management – view the syllabus in Englishor Ukrainian and course schedule.
  3. Diploma in internal audit – view the syllabus in Englishor Ukrainianand course schedule.
  4. Diploma in strategic management – view the syllabus in EnglishorUkrainian and course schedule 
  5.  Diploma in tax - view the syllabus in English or Ukrainian and course schedule
  6. Diploma in law - view the syllabus in Englishor Ukrainian and course schedule 
  7.  Diploma in  Management accounting -  syllabus in Ukrainian and course schedule 

BES have:

  1. Clients which are the biggest Ukrainian enterprises and and SME companies.
  2. A high level of educational service with certified tutors (IFA, MBA, ACCA, CIMA).

Contact details:

T: +(044) 391-51-82
E: [email protected]