Nominations for the IPA Group Board of Directors

Call for Nominations for Appointment to the Board of Directors of The Institute of Public Accountants Ltd ABN 81 004 130 643

The Nominations Committee of the Institute of Public Accountants Ltd, is seeking expressions of interest from eligible members to be considered for appointment to the Board of Directors. The Nominations Committee shall appoint up to ten Directors who shall be members of the Institute. The Board of Directors may appoint two additional Directors.

There are four vacancies on the Board. Incumbents in those positions who are eligible to be reappointed are:

  • Cheryl Mallett
  • Jason Parker
  • Damien Moore
  • Natasha Janssens

The term of office for these Board positions shall be two years commencing at the conclusion of the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

The Institute is also calling for applications for the two Board-appointed Directorships (12-month term).

The selection process is a merit based competitive process to ensure the best candidates are selected whilst being mindful of the divisional structure of the Institute. Directors are not appointed to represent divisions or other interests. Directors are required to act in the best interests of members in accordance with director’s duties.

IPA Directors or their employers receive a nominated amount of compensation as reimbursement for time.

The present incumbents do not participate in the discussion or vote relating to nominations. Applicants must make a statement against each of the selection criteria. Failure to satisfy the selection criteria or, providing an incomplete submission will result in an unsuccessful outcome.

The Nominations Committee will make a determination on each of these vacancies and will inform the Board accordingly. The successful applicants will be contacted. The determination of the Nominations Committee shall be final, strictly confidential and no discussion will be entertained on the outcome.

Members wishing to be considered are required to submit an expression of interest to the Nominations Committee. Your expression of interest must include:

  1. Completed Nomination form and signed confidentiality/privacy section endorsed by two eligible members;
  2. Curriculum vitae not exceeding two A4 pages in length; and
  3. Your statement against the selection criteria (skills, qualities and experience).

The 2022 Nominations process has moved to an online platform. Links to the relevant documentation are provided below.

Applications close at 5.00pm AEST/8.00am GMT on Friday 24 June 2022.

A J Conway FIPA FFA Company Secretary and IPA Group Chief Executive Officer By Order of the Nominations Committee.