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Webinar 1

Succession planning for owner managed businesses

  • This webinar looks at the key tax considerations in respect of succession planning for owner-managed businesses. It may be that the founder’s family are ready to “step up” and take the business forward. Alternatively, the next generation of the family may not have the interest or aptitude, or the owner-managed wants to reap the reward of their efforts and realise the value they have created. In either case, whether passing the business to a new generation of the family, or selling it to a third party, early tax planning is crucial.


Construction Industry Scheme part 2
  • Why CIS is important – The CIS helps ensure the correct and prompt payment of tax for work done by the subcontractors. Any failure to operate the CIS can result in large penalties and HMRC opening a wider investigation into a company.
    What we will cover - An introduction to the Construction Industry Scheme and key things to consider. Why is it relevant - There is a requirement to register for CIS if you are considered a mainstream contractor or a deemed contractor. Mainstream contractors are businesses that carry out construction work or supply labour for carrying out construction work. Deemed contractors are businesses that do not carry out construction work as part of their ordinary business but spend above certain thresholds on construction operations. Businesses commonly treat certain works incorrectly due to complex legislation and tax rules or don’t consider the CIS at all where their main business is not construction.

Ryan Conlon and Alan Kennedy, Trident Tax











Matt Harrison and Brittany Poole, BDO







23 February

9.30am - 11.45am 

Webinar 2 Employment taxes update
  • This topic is relevant for any advisor with clients who have employees or workers engaged off payroll. The session will focus on key issues currently facing employers including the most efficient ways they may support employees with the cost of living. For example, payments, benefits, salary sacrifice, etc. It will also cover HMRC key focus areas and the forthcoming end of year reporting all employers will need to complete. Finally, it will provide an update on wider pay governance issues affecting payroll including updates on enforcement and case law.

    Employment tax update covering topical issues, including:
    · Supporting employees through the Cost of Living
    · Off payroll workers and labour supply chain
    · End of Year reporting (Form P11ds, Payrolling Benefits and PAYE Settlement Agreements)
    · Pay Governance updates covering National Minimum Wage and Holiday Pay.

VAT – the aftermath years

  • VAT is an awkward tax. The rules keep changing and are tricky to apply, with inaccuracies leading to large liabilities. Kevin Hall has been helping businesses and practitioners navigate their way through these rules since 1998. He will explain recent developments, setting out what the rules mean in practice and the implications of any changes. This will help businesses and their advisers to discuss their VAT risks and address them.

    Topics covered:

    • Areas still causing uncertainty
    • Key legislative changed · Relevant recent case decisions
    • HMRC policy updates · New developments
    • Topics will range from property/Option To Tax; to Brexit; to digital/NFTs/cryptoassets; to insolvent businesses; to food; and more

Emily Webster, PWC

Kevin Hall, Wright Hassel

2 March

9.30am - 11.45am 

Webinar 3

Tax efficient ways of incentivising employees

  • Recruiting, retaining and motivating staff in the current employment market and economic climate can be challenging. There are a number of tax efficient ways to help businesses incentivise employees, with various commercial and tax advantages. This webinar will cover key tax aspects and advantages of providing share incentives to employees.

Overview of Making Tax Digital for ITSA

  • Making Tax Digital for VAT has been delivered and plans for Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self Assessment (ITSA) have recently been re-aligned. MTD ITSA is a significant change for all concerned: clients, agents and HMRC

Zeeshan Khilji, Tax Consulting Group





Lenny Barry, HMRC

9 March

9.30am - 11.45am