Mike Roberts, Making Digital Real LtdMike -Roberts

Topic: Rehumanising your accountancy firm with digital branding

Mike will be presenting a very unique perspective on how accountancy firms can utilise the power of video (including video messaging) in to their messaging, marketing and email communications with clients. From personalised videos, to evergreen content, video email signatures and LinkedIn. This is one special marketing workshop that you don’t want to miss. 

About the speaker

Mike Roberts is a digital marketing strategist, podcast editor and LinkedIn trainer for the accountancy sector.

Mike helps accountancy firms align strategy to reality using a combination of key skills that he has developed over the past 20 years.

This includes advanced LinkedIn sales psychology, personal branding, content creation, campaign management, landing pages all the way through to podcast launches.

Making Digital Real _Mike Roberts

Tushir Patel, CapiumTushir Patel

Topic: Is AI going too fast? Things to be mindful of when using this fast-growing tech trend 

With an increasing number of accounting tasks being added to accountants list, it makes sense to see what’s out there to improve the quality of focus time on things that truly matter to you. Is AI useful for you right now? And if so, how?

But where to start?

How do you identify where you can easily apply AI without risk to your practice or business? With so many options available, the choices can be overwhelming.

Session agenda:

  • Basic overview of what AI is.
  • Exploring if AI is the future for financial technology and its partners.
  • Will it boost productivity and increase profit if used correctly?
  • How can AI benefit your practice - will it help to improve client relationships?
  • What to look out for when using and implementing AI within a practice.
  • What Capium is doing to ensure that we’re being responsible to accountants' needs and requirements when it comes to tech.

About the speaker

Tushir Patel is Co-Founder of Capium, an online accounting platform designed for accountants to accomplish accounting and tax services whilst collaborating with clients and staff.A team of more than 60 support over 2000 UK practices, servicing over 358,000 SMEs through the platform. 

In 2007 he co-founded PPR Solutions, an outsourced IT company providing resources on demand acquired by ByBox Holdings Limited in 2012. 

Tushir is a UCL Med Chemistry graduate, passionate about business, entrepreneurship and technology. 


Kim Searle, Emotional Mastery LtdKim Searle

Topic: The inner game of self-mastery - exploring mindset, habits, and resilience

This presentation will introduce you to the Inner Game of Self Mastery - possibly the most innovative transformational journey on the market today and it is designed for accountants seeking personal development for greater success.

It is not conventional training, so expect the unexpected. Enjoy a profound exploration of mindset, habits, and resilience.

Participants will gain insights into their current mindset, unlocking strategies for positive habits, and emotional intelligence.

Understand the deeper learnings that may or may not be contributing to your current levels of success.

With a focus on individualised growth, it will provide a template that empowers accountants to redefine success on their terms, fostering confidence, creativity, and a resilient mindset.

Join Kim for a fully immersive experience and recognise there is more to your potental than you realised.

Session agenda:

  • How the brain learns.
  • What this means.
  • The Empowerment Model.
  • Habits of behaviour, thoughts and emotions.

About the speaker

Kim Searle is an Emotional Mastery Coach primarily helping accountants, bookkeepers and their clients wanting to grow and develop their business. She does this by helping them to overcome bad habits, faulty thinking and emotional challenges (ie overthinking, people pleasing, self doubt, procrastination, overwhelm and stress to name a few).

Her speciality is to get to the root cause of these challenges to help the individual to do more than just cope or manage. Her aim is to help someone to transform, to evolve, to change for the better in themselves.

Be Bold | Be Inspired | Be More...EXTRAORDINARY

The Inner Game _Kim Searle


 Matt Stambach, Associate Director, ETC Tax Matt Stambach

Topic: Family Investment Companies - Planning for today and the future

The family investment company is not a new concept, but over the past few years we have seen an increasing interest in this type of investment vehicle. Structured correctly FICs can produce substantial tax savings, both in terms of the ongoing operation of the FIC, but also in allowing clients to pass on the wealth they have created to future generations as tax efficiently as possible.

Session agenda?

  • Why might somebody want to set up a Family Investment Company.
  • How a family investment company might be structured.
  • The benefits of using a FIC.
  • The pitfalls and difficulties you might face when advising on or setting up a FIC.
  • How a FIC can be beneficial from an IHT perspective.
  • Why a FIC might not be the right structure for your clients
  • Use of a FIC with trusts

About the speaker

Matt is an Associate Director at ETC Tax. Before joining ETC, Matt worked at HMRC, as well as in the tax departments of a couple of mid-size accountancy practices, most latterly as Head of Private Client Tax.

Matt’s focus at ETC Tax is on private client tax matters, (particularly complex self-assessment, disclosures and disputes work), he has also had a great deal of experience working with owner-managed businesses.  Matt is also responsible for managing Tax Partner Pro, a helpdesk service operated for ETC Tax for accountants and other intermediaries. (IFA members get a 10% discount).



 Shane Lukas, AVN Inspiring AccountantsShane Lukas

Topic: Mastering Change Management: A Step-by-Step Guide for Accountancy Practices

Tired of people telling you to change and adapt for AI and advisory services, that compliance is dead?

It's one thing to know change is necessary; it's another to make it happen—especially with a change averse team.

How will this shift affect their careers, and are they ready to embrace change and step out of their comfort zone?

Shane Lukas is an expert at change management.

Shane’s talk is about embracing the shift with enthusiasm, aligning your team's aspirations with your firm's evolution, and propelling your practice into a profitable and exciting future.                   

You’ll discover actionable strategies to transform doubt into momentum and fear into opportunity, securing a dynamic, prosperous path for your practice. 

Session agenda:

  • Cultivating Positivity: Participants will leave with a mindset shift, viewing change as an exciting opportunity rather than a daunting obligation.
  • Practical Change Leadership: Attendees will be equipped with a step-by-step blueprint to lead their teams through change, minimising resistance and maximising engagement.
  • Empowering Team Dynamics: Learn to instil confidence in your team, fostering a proactive approach to developing new skills and embracing change.
  • Future-Proofing Your Practice: Gain tactics to ensure your practice stays ahead of technological trends and industry shifts, safeguarding its relevance and success.
  • Overcoming Resistance: Shane will provide methods to effectively counter common fears and objections, turning scepticism into buy-in.
  • Communicative Excellence: Discover how to articulate the change vision in a way that resonates with your team, ensuring clarity and collective motivation.
  • Interactive Learning: Benefit from an engaging workshop format that cements understanding through participation, leaving with actionable plans.
  • Long-Term Adaptability: Strategies to create a culture of continuous learning and adaptability will be shared, making change an integral part of your practice’s DNA.
  • Client-Centric Adaptation: Understand how to transition to advisory services that meet clients’ evolving needs, enhancing service delivery and value.
  • Access to resources: Shane will guide attendees on how to leverage available resources, like the IFA webinar series, for ongoing support in their transformation journey.

About the speaker

A coach and trainer to accountants.

Since 1998 Shane’s enabled over 5000 accountants who run their own accounting firm to escape the business prison (feeling overworked, underpaid, trapped or becoming outdated) to achieving a successful, future ready practice that gives them freedom, enjoyment and a great lifestyle.

Those accountants - and their team - gain confidence and skills in value pricing, attracting great clients, delivering advisory solutions and scaling whilst reducing pressure and stress.

Shane has authored multiple international best-selling books for accountants including Putting Excellence Into (your) Practice and What’s Next For Accountants,

He’s a keynote, tedx and webinar speaker.