Winning new business

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Winning new business

Winning new business: Creating & conducting conversations that grow your practice

Ask an accounting professional to describe how they win new business and you’ll get a range of responses. Some will be comfortable with their process. Some will change the subject. And others might be both aware of the value of knowing how to go about it and their natural aversion to it.

Finding an effective way to build relationships and have the conversations that secure new business has become a pre-requisite of not just growing a business but being in business. So how will you respond? How can you find a way to do this that feels right for you? An approach that is both professional and appropriate for your profession? That’s what this half-day workshop will address.

This interactive and practical session will dispel some common myths around how to secure new business and what it takes to do so. It will suggest a process for creating opportunities and a fresh approach to these conversations. You’ll uncover the skills that you already possess to be successful and learn about some more that can take you even further. You’ll leave feeling more comfortable and confident in your ability to secure new business, with a plan of action that you can take forward to grow your practice.

This half day workshop will cover the following areas:

  • Introductions and goals, get to know each other. Why you’re here and what you want to leave with.
  • Myth busting: the skills involved in winning new business. What do we think they are and what are they really?
  • Know Like Trust Buy: a process that describes the journey to securing new business.
  • The 3Cs of developing conversations: how to use community, content and conversations to draw clients towards you.
  • Conversations and how to have them: Key ideas about how to have a conversation including how to network effectively.
  • Tough conversations: How to manage bumps in the road and a model for how you can get back on track.
  • Making the most of the conversation: Practical actions including follow up, notes and conversation management.
  • Individual action plan: We’ll spend some time on what you’ll do next. How will you take these ideas forward, what might get in the way?
  • Goal review: we’ll review where we are in terms of the goal you set at the start.

  • About the speaker
    John Scarrott is a Trainer and Coach working with professionals on their approach to selling, speaking and presenting and networking. He specialises in working with professionals that have become experts in their area and find themselves needing to become more confident and comfortable in their communication in order to practice their expertise. He has over 20-years’ experience in sales, networking and presenting.

Winning new business

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