The direct route to professional development

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Undertaking relevant and regular CPD is an important way to stay abreast of new developments and best practice. It can boost motivation, which in turn will improve the quality of work and lead to increased client satisfaction. 

And if you are a member of a professional body IFA Direct modules count towards your verifiable CPD.  



You will receive 5 hours of online contact time per week with an expert academic adviser.


Modules are studied one at a time over a six-week period and materials are available  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


There is an end of module written assessment and you will receive a certficiate on successful completion.


Full programme features  

IFA Direct only covers subjects which are relevant to small businesses. For example, there is no audit module as small businesses and practices fall below the audit threshold.


Being an IFA student brings access to a community of like-minded professionals who benefit from access to supportive branch meetings, expert technical materials and inspiring conferences and CPD workshops. 


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Cost per module

Each module costs £770 which includes the student registration fee and all the features detailed.

Payment plan

We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to cover the cost of professional development. That’s why we offer a bespoke flexible interest-free payment plan that lets you pay for your studies in instalments prior to registration deadlines, meaning you can focus on your learning.

Please contact the education team at for further information.

IFA membership

The modules can also be used to study towards gaining IFA membership. Becoming part of a professional body will enhance your professional reputation by developing relevant knowledge and skills giving you a broader and deeper understanding of the key subjects relevant to accountants in or supporting small businesses.  

The direct route to membership