The direct route to professional development

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The IFA Direct programme of relevant, CPD-compliant modules will enhance your knowledge and skills and help you adapt as your role changes and your role progresses. Each module counts towards your annual CPD requirement.

And if you're an employer the IFA Direct study programme will benefit your organisation by embedding a culture of professionalism which will deliver improved competency and productivity and increased client satisfaction

Investing in professional development will promote higher retention and motivation rates and because IFA Direct is delivered online, key staff need not spend time away from the office.

IFA Direct modules

There are 10 modules covering the following relevant subject areas:

103 Principles of taxation
104 Credit management and control
107 Financial statements, internal controls and systems in a business environment
108 Budgeting in a business environment
201 Management information
203 Law for accounting
208 Business finance
209 Financial reporting
301 Assurance
302 Advanced taxation