Changes in circumstance

Retired membership

The IFA understands that some members are coming to the end of their professional career but would like to continue their membership with us.

We offer a retired membership level and to be eligible you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • fully retired from all remunerated activity; and
  • be either an Associate or Fellow of the IFA.

You will also need to surrender your IFA practising certificate if you previously held one.

By accepting this level of membership your rights to act in a voluntary role are not affected. However, if you do provide voluntary services you will need to comply with the IFA’s CPD requirements.

The IFA reserves the right to request evidence to support your retired membership application.

Download the retired application form

Reduced membership fee

The IFA will always try and implement an open, honest and transparent way of assisting those members who may need help with their membership fee.

Eligibility for reduced membership fee

You can apply for a reduction in your annual membership fee if you:

  • are on a low income 
  • are unable to return to work due to raising a family full time
  • are unable to return to work due to being a full-time carer
  • have left the accountancy profession to pursue a religious vocation
  • have re-entered full-time education to obtain a further qualification relevant to the field of accountancy
  • are experiencing long-term unemployment
  • are suffering from a prolonged illness that has prevented you from seeking employment.

As part of the application process we will ask you to provide evidence to support your request which should be made against one of the outlined criteria above.

All requests should be made in writing addressed to the Membership Manager. 

You can send your request to our office address or email [email protected]

Terms and conditions

  • Any reduction granted will be valid for one year only. You will need to reapply for a reduction in subsequent years if still required.
  • We cannot apply a reduction to the retired membership fee.
  • There is no reduction available to the practising certificate fee or to the firm supervision fee.