IFA/IPA Group benevolent fund

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The IFA/IPA Group Benevolent Fund is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation [charity registration number 1202088]

About the IFA/IPA Benevolent Fund

The charity provides financial support for all Group members and dependents faced with a sudden illness or change in circumstance, such as redundancy. It does this by way of grants, whether a one-off contribution or a series of grants.

The fund also provides bursaries and support to allow students to carry out and complete their accountancy education.


The charity is, and will remain, completely independent of the boards of either the IFA or IPA, with directors or staff unable to stand as trustees. The charity will not be subject to any instructions from external sources.

Voting members of the charity

Current members of the IPA Group who have paid their membership fees are eligible to become voting members of the charity by making a donation at the same time as paying their annual membership fees.

Voting members can vote at the AGM and attend benevolent fund meetings.

Benevolent Fund voluntary donation

You can make a voluntary donation on the IFA/IPA Group Benevolent Fund JustGiving page.


The trustees of the charity decide how the grants are distributed within the objectives of the charity. All trustees are voted into office each year and the current trustees are as follows:

From the UK

  • Ian Clark FFA FIPA
  • Anjana Hirani FFA FIPA

From Australia

  • Lloyd Driscoll FIPA FFA
  • Tony Rabah FIPA FFA

You may like to consider becoming a trustee of the charity - send an email to the address below.

How to apply for a grant

All applications will be assessed based on the Grant Making Policy agreed with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Most grants will be between £100 to £5,000 depending on circumstances and applicants will be subject to due diligence and a means test.

To apply for a grant visit the IFA/IPA Benevolent Fund website and download the application form.


For further information about the fund or becoming a trustee please contact the trustees at [email protected]