Changing perceptions of you | 15 October

Changing perceptions of you: from number cruncher to business improvement expert 

For years, you've been the dependable cornerstone of compliance for your clients. But now, the business landscape is evolving, and so must your role. In the "Changing Perceptions of You" webinar, Shane Lukas reveals how to transition from being perceived solely as a compliance accountant to being recognised as a Business Improvement Expert — a trusted advisor who can guide clients toward growth and success.

This session is packed with actionable strategies and language techniques to reshape your professional image, both online and in your client interactions. Shane will provide you with the communication tools needed to gradually transform client perceptions, ensuring they see this change as a natural evolution of your services.

You'll hear real-life success stories of accountants who've made this shift, mitigating scepticism and reinforcing their new role with their client base. Plus, you'll learn to address any resistance head-on, turning doubt into opportunities for engagement.

Attendees will leave with a free guide to support the transition, embedding the webinar's lessons into practice. It all starts with your mindset — join us to redefine your professional identity and embrace the cultural shift necessary for today's dynamic business environment.

Date: Tuesday 15 October 2024
Time: 12pm - 1pm
CPD hours: 1
Members & affiliates: Free
Non - members: £40 - Contact the IFA events team to purchase all 12 webinars at a discounted rate of £420!

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