How to Engage and Develop Your Team to Have Advisory Conversations with Clients | 24 April

Scale your accounting practice by empowering your team to excel in advisory services. Join Shane Lukas in this essential webinar designed to guide accounting business owners through the process of shifting their team’s focus from purely compliance to include advisory, ensuring sustainable growth and client satisfaction.

Discover proven strategies and methodologies for training and motivating your team, overcoming common challenges such as lack of confidence and fear of stepping out of comfort zones. Shane will draw on over 25 years of experience to share a change management process that opens up team members to skill development, alongside real-life case studies from practices that have successfully made this transition.

Learn how to navigate resistance and apprehension, turning potential obstacles into opportunities for growth. With practical tools and resources provided during the webinar, you'll be equipped to implement these strategies in your own firm, fostering a culture that embraces advisory services.

Key takeaways include actionable steps for engaging your team in advisory discussions and a free guide to support these efforts. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity if they wish to schedule a 1-on-1 session with Shane’s practice growth experts for tailored recommendations.

Prepare to lead your practice into a future where your team confidently delivers advisory services that clients value and appreciate.

Date: Thursday 24 April 2025
Time: 12pm - 1pm
CPD hours: 1
Members & affiliates: Free
Non - members: £40 - Contact the IFA events team to purchase all 12 webinars at a discounted rate of £420!

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