How to price added value services to achieve a win, win | 17 September

Discover the art of pricing added value and advisory services in our upcoming webinar, tailored specifically for IFA accountants. Move beyond the traditional methods of pricing compliance work and learn how to articulate the true value of your advisory services.

In this sixth instalment of our 12-part training series, Shane Lukas will guide you through the nuances of value-based pricing—a strategy that emphasises the impact and benefits to the client rather than the time you spend. This approach ensures that you’re not just taken seriously by the right clients, but also rewarded for the true worth of your expertise.

This session will arm you with the knowledge to price your advisory services confidently, ensuring that both you and your clients come out ahead. You will also gain access to an exclusive, complementary pricing resource that will bolster your ability to communicate value effectively with your clients.

Join us to transform how you perceive the value of your work and how you charge for it. This is more than just a learning opportunity—it's a step towards redefining your practice's profitability and your clients' success.


Date: Tuesday 17 September 2024
Time: 12pm - 1pm
CPD hours: 1
Members & affiliates: Free
Non - members: £40 - Contact the IFA events team to purchase all 12 webinars at a discounted rate of £420!

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