Lapsing and relinquishing


Failure to make payment of your annual membership fees by the due date may result in the lapsing of your membership. If this happens, you will lose access to your membership benefits and will be unable to use the designatory letters after your name.

If you are in practice you will automatically lose your practising certificate and the status of your firm may also change.

If your firm is supervised by the IFA for compliance with the Money Laundering Regulations, and you fail to pay either your membership or firm fee, your firm may cease to be eligible for supervision by the IFA and you will be required to seek supervision from another professional body or HMRC. If so, the IFA will inform other supervisory authorities that your supervision by the IFA has ceased. 


To relinquish your membership and/or practising certificate please:

  • Complete and return the relinquishing form.
  • Send back your relinquishing form either by email or by post
  • Return your membership and/or practising certificate.

Simply allowing your membership to lapse does not meet the requirements for relinquishing your membership, and you will remain liable for any fees and other amounts outstanding and due to the IFA.

If you allow your membership to lapse or choose to relinquish your membership, you will lose a host of tailored member benefits. These include:

Contact us

If you are uncertain about any requirements, please contact the membership team on +44 (0)20 3567 5999.