Customer service charter

The IFA is committed to providing its members and students with excellent customer service and undertakes to develop and maintain a strong service relationship with all its customers.

Customer focused

  1. We aim to listen to and understand our customers
  2. All calls will be answered in a courteous and professional manner
  3. Correspondence will be responded to promptly
  4. Our fees are openly available via our website
  5. If there is a complaint we will deal with it as promptly and thoroughly as possible.


  1. We are here to support and help our members
  2. Membership applications will be acknowledged and processed in good time
  3. Replacement certificates will be issued at a standard fee
  4. Members have their own restricted area on our website to keep them up to date


  1. We are here to support and help our students through the IFA Direct programme
  2. We have a clear and comprehensive system for the registration of students
  3. Examination results will be dispatched a minimum of six weeks after the date of the exam. Certificates will be dispatched approximately three weeks after the result of the exam
  4. The student section of our website contains information on styding through IFA Direct
  5. Students are invited to give us feedback about IFA Direct.

Contact us

If you have a query or require information please contact us.