Representing our members

We actively encourage members to engage in consultations and to identify issues to raise on their behalf to ensure the SME/SMP sector is included in all representations and legal frameworks.  

The IFA attends the following meetings and forums to represent members interests and champion the role this sector plays in the UK economy.

  • HMRC Agent Support
  • HRMC Compliance Reform
  • HMRC OTM Compliance Board
  • HMRC Powers & Safeguarding
  • HMRC Charter Stakeholder Group
  • HMRC Guidance Strategy Forum
  • Anti-Money Laundering Supervisors Forum (AMLSF)
  • Accountancy AML Supervisors Group (AASG)
  • Accountancy Intelligence Expert Working Group (ISEWG)
  • Companies House Accountancy Stakeholder
  • Business Fraud Network