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UK Versity is a global provider of accessible, affordable high-quality courses, that meet the diverse needs of learners and professionals. 

Our education portfolio includes accounting, business, and tax courses which all lead to a UK university degree or master’s qualification. Learners get study material which includes presentations, recorded lectures, e-books, case studies, journal and handouts, workbooks to make the studies enjoyable and comprehensive. UK Versity also offers qualification in Computing, Digital Marketing, HRM, Logistics, Healthcare, Teaching, Nursing and Midwifery.

UK Versity is a British Accreditation Council accredited college and an accredited centre for ATHE, Ascentis, Cache, NCFE,  OTHM and Pearson. UK Versity was included in the 2018 Parliamentary Review as one of the pioneering companies under the technology sector delivering British education globally.  UK Versity has a global presence in Delhi, Islamabad, Dubai, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Korea and as course4u in UK. 

We are proud that 98.4% of our enrolled cohort complete and achieve their qualification. Since 2015, 7500+ students have chosen to study with us and have gone on to build successful careers. UK Versity is also a registered UCAS centre and offers information, advice and guidance to learners completing qualification for university degree progression courses. 

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