IFA Direct Student Q&A: Aaron Sewell

Aaron Sewell is studying towards gaining Associate Financial Accountant membership

Aaron Image

Describe your background

I started my career journey aged 14 doing work experience at my father’s accountancy firm and decided to join on a permanent basis a year later. I have been working at the practice for nearly 10 years now at different sites in the UK and I’m currently based at our head office in St Asaph. I completed the tax units for my Associate Tax Adviser (ATA) membership and I have nearly finished the remainder of my studies which will help me achieve the Associate Financial Accountant (AFA MIPA) membership grade.

Where is your firm based?

Our firm Tax Driven Accountants is based in North Wales.

What type of business does the practice engage in?

The firm provides various accountancy and tax services for small businesses and taxpayers from our 40 offices across the UK. I mainly check tax returns and accounts to see if the work has been completed to an excellent standard and if the client has paid any fees to us. I also make sure documents are filed and verify if anti-money laundering checks have been adhered to.

What do you find challenging/ rewarding within the sector?

The smooth running of all 40 offices is extremely rewarding, however, clients who bring their work in last minute with a tight deadline can make work challenging. Thankfully, this is not very often.

How did you hear about IFA Direct?

I heard about IFA Direct through my father who is an IFA member.

What made you want to study on the IFA Direct programme?

I discovered after completing my tax adviser units that it was a natural progression to continue studying on the IFA Direct programme and I would avoid getting into circa £50,000 student debt. I liked the flexibility of being able to study at my own pace and the firm pays for it which is an added bonus. I am hoping to receive a promotion and pay rise by the end of the programme when I would become a newly qualified accountant.

Which units are you studying?

I am studying:

  • Level 4 Financial Accounting 1
  • Level 4 Financial Accounting 2
  • Level 4 Budgetary Control
  • Level 4 Cost and Management Accounting
  • Level 4 Business Environment
  • Level 4 Law for Accounting
  • Level 5 Financial Reporting
  • Level 5 Financial Management
  • Level 5 Financial and Management Control
  • Level 5 Assurance
  • Level 7 Corporate Reporting for Strategic Business – Advanced