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YouExcel is a FINTECH training and consultancy firm which aims to bridge the skills gap between potential employees and employers by creating a job-ready human resource in a practical learning environment that meets the technological requirements of the employer organization.

YouExcel’s mission is to enhance staff retention and to upgrade the skills of existing employees by responding to the changing skills landscape to contribute towards the welfare of the economy, employer and employee.

Brief synopsis of the programme:

Become Power BI specialist by enabling yourself to make confident decisions using up-to-the- minute analytics. Get empowered to translate data into insights and insights into result-driven actions. Gain the knowledge and apply skills to import and merge large amounts of data, summarize and aggregate data, present strategic data and empower informed decision-making.

This training program also covers advanced tools and techniques which include Data Normalization, Data Modeling Analysis, Visualization, Python integration, and using Built-in Artificial Intelligence features covering Basic to Advanced Power-BI tools and techniques.

Learning outcomes:

  • Integrate existing data with Power BI seamlessly with any source 
  • Apply Artificial Intelligence features in Power BI to automate the repetitive tasks in a workflow to boost efficiency 
  • Create advanced queries using query editor in Power BI 
  • Add user-controlled elements in dashboards 
  • Integrate Python as a data source in Power BI 
  • Create interactive dashboards in Power BI to see whole company data in one snap-shot 
  • Create advanced visuals in Power BI that help in clear understanding of data in dynamic dashboards 

YouExcel is also registered by Government Trade Testing Board in Pakistan that specializes in Financial Technologies (FinTech) training solutions & consultancy. To find out more please visit: