De Montfort University

Dmu Logo Rgb 2011 Master 

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Students who have completed the above degree will receive exemptions as follows from the IFA Direct programme: 

  • 103 Principles of taxation based upon the student completing the optional module of business taxation 
  • 107 Financial statements, internal controls and systems in a business environment 
  • 108 Budgeting in a business environment 
  • 203 Law for accounting  
  • 208 Business finance based upon the student completing optional module of Corporate finance 
  • 209 Financial reporting 
  • 301 Assurance  

Students who have completed the degree and the optional subjects detailed above and are seeking to become a member of the IFA would need to undertake the following modules through the IFA Direct programme: 

  • 104 Credit management and control 
  • 201 Management information 
  • 302 Advanced taxation 

Once applicants meet all the educational criteria detailed above will also need to provide evidence of having completed a minimum of three years' work experience in accountancy or a closely related field.  

Graduates gaining work experience can apply to become a Provisional Associate member.