IFA membership

Intermediate Financial Accountant IFA AIPA

Your university programme has been assessed as meeting the requirements of Intermediate Financial Accountant membership.

To apply for this grade of membership you will need to provide:

  • evidence of at least one year’s experience in the accountancy or related sector; and
  • your university transcripts and certificate. 

If you are in public practice or require a practising certificate you will need to study the units detailed against your university degree progreamme and apply for Associate Financial Accountant membership. 

Associate Financial Accountant AFA MIPA

Graduates seeking to become an Associate Financial Accountant member of the IFA may need to undertake additional units through the IFA Direct online education programme as detailed against your university degree programme.

Applicants who have achieved the additional educational criteria will also need to provide evidence of having completed a minimum of three years' work experience in accountancy or a closely related field.

IFA membership

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